Sunday, February 27, 2005

Wonder World

She paints a picture with fingerpaints, then tells me the story. On the back of the picture, I write in tiny pale letters, hoping to not spoil the front of the image.

Will you tell me about this?


These three hearts in the sky are three love planets. The angels live on the highest one.

This is a rainbow to tell everyone to go outside and go to one of the love planets or else they will die on Earth.

This is a child named Aimah, under the rainbow.

This is the cloud of destruction.

The sun is another sign from the angels to warn the people of Earth that the cloud of destruction is coming, and if the people come to one of the love planets, when the Earth gets destroyed, the angels will make it again.

Is this a story the angels told you?

No, I made this one up.

Monday, February 21, 2005

Grasping Wisdom

16 November


Mama, I found your soul's soul. It's come to ask you if you know how baby souls are made.

Not really. You keep trying to explain, and one of these days I will get it.

Your soul has hearts. The hearts fall down. The souls used to be hearts. They are actually hearts that are souls.

The hearts have turned into souls?

Yes. And once the souls fall down...

Fall down from where?

From your back. And the hearts of your souls become bigger and bigger until they're actually little souls. If you didn't have the souls fall down out of your back, we would have to live and live for the rest of our lives if the souls did not fall down.

When the souls fall down, we don't have to live and live for the rest of our lives?

No, we have to be murdered or just die and live in the graveyard and just rest in our bodies and not have to work or go to heaven and see the rest of our dead loved ones that died. And the only way you can sleep is to go into your own body and sleep.

But my soul's soul fell out of my back and I'm still alive?

Because it keeps on going and going until you get old, old enough to be ready to go away.

Go away where?

To the dead. And if you're not murdered, your soul can go in your body. If the soul goes in your not murdered body then you can live again.

And that's the end of my story.

Is it a true story?

Yes. The angels told me.