Monday, November 01, 2004

Julia Says


I talked to Julia, and she's going to give you a call.

What did she say, anything you can tell me?

She says Alaina is a 'Crystal Child' and she'll talk to you about it.

So... I guess that's a 'no'?

Yes, that's a No. You'll understand better if she explains it to you, anyway.


Your daughter is a Crystal Child, incarnating fully with gifts far beyond ours. She'll be fragile when it comes to chemicals in processed foods and sensitive to others' emotions. She has the ability to communicate with others at distant locations. Most children will love to be around her, but she will only relate well to other Crystals.

She's going to manifest things very quickly, so be prepared, Mom. She may learn things like teleportation, so don't let that freak you out too much.

Crystals are the strongest of people, but also very fragile. Harsh and negative emotions will tend to shut her down, and she'll close off, so you need to protect her from some of the more negative aspects of life.

You'll want to be careful of kidnapping, though it's Indigos who are more prone to being snatched because they're so sweet and loving. Crystals seem to have a natural protection.

She's here to help change the consciousness of the planet. She was incarnated fully knowing, without karmic paybacks. This is very important. She has no karma, good or bad, to hinder her work. She's here to help humans realize what they are capable of. Her amazing gifts are simply going to get stronger ans she will do a lot of great work.

Now, she didn't pick you by chance. You two have been around together for a long time. She picked you for your heart and the immense amount of love you have to give. You two vibrate harmonically together, and you probably know just what I mean by that. You agreed to come in early, which is the much harder job, so she could incarnate fully knowing.

You'll begin to see angels as well, and you should call them to help. She will teach you and you will do angel healings together.

I don't generally recommend reading books, because it's better if you go into this with no preconceptions, as preconceptions will likely cut you off from possibilities. You already know exactly what to do. Everything you need is right there in your heart.

Well, I think I feel reassured. Thank you.