Thursday, December 02, 2004

Soul's Soul

18 October 2004


It feels like there is someone else in the house, some one other than us.

Who do you think it is?

It's Martin.

Ah. Martin's leftover energy is still here?

He left his soul here.

He left his soul here? Won't he die without his soul?

His dead soul is in him. That will make him a better life. The dead soul left its soul here. And there's other people. Aunt Cory. Muzzy. Papa.

And Uncle John and Aunt Jennifer?

But not Kynan. Kynan has one dead soul. The other one is growing. Once the soul is dead when you're a baby, the other soul is growing in. When you're grown, your plain soul dies and the soul that's in your soul goes away to make another, better life.

His soul's soul?

When little kids have their other souls, their other souls are coming out of their plain souls, but they're stuck until we're grown. Your soul's soul has its head pushing out to get free, but it can't get out until you're grown. Then it goes out and goes away. Your soul is going out right now and is going to another child that isn't born yet. The heart of your soul is the baby's soul now. Now do you understand?

Not completely, but I'm trying. I think I'd better talk to our friend Julia.


Way to throw you right into the deep end, huh, Mom?

She was using terminology as though I should know it, like dead soul and soul's soul. I tried to keep up with her, and she was very obviously trying to explain to me in terms I would understand, but I'm kind of lost. I was hoping you could help.

Well, she's trying to introduce you to the concept of multi-dimensional reality. She's talking about fragments, or soul cells, which is different from our oversoul. As we incarnate in different timelines, each fragment is part of all that we can access. 'Soul memories' can be accessed from both directions, when the body matures enough to access The Source.

Human souls are under the Archangel Michael like a family tree, a series of filters, because pure spirit is too powerful for most of us to deal with undiluted. Your daughter is aware of Soul Source, and when they come in, and when they leave.

It's because the Pineal Gland is reconnecting that we become consciously aware. You'll learn more in dreams when your Soul's Soul comes in to educate you in your sleep.

I hope I'll remember those dreams.

If it's important that you do, you will. She's trying to make you conscious of multiple realities that exist at the same time, multi-dimensional realities. We as a species have entered 5th dimensional consciousness sometime around September 21st of this year, so it's not a big surprise that she's working on this. As things shift, so do ideas of right and wrong.

Now, there are some important ages, and I want you to watch out for these. These are the ages of five, 21, 33, and 44.

Also, write down the things she says and does, because you will forget very quickly, especially since it's information that doesn't completely make sense to you right now.

If she starts talking about crystals, call me right away. And you can call me whenever you need to. You know that, right?

Yes. Thank you very much.